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It’s November 1, and means NaNoWriMo has officially begun. NaNoWriMo is not exactly a common term in the art community. It is more about writing than it is art. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it takes place every November. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days, which would basically be like writing an entire first draft of a novel in that amount of time. This is a great challenge to sit people down and get them motivated to get it done. If you have any interest in writing a novel yourself, I will include the link at the end of this post for all the information.

I, however, chose to veer of the traditional course! Guess who doesn’t really have much interest in finally writing that novel… That’s right, it’s me! But what I did want to do is sit my butt down and actually writing my blog posts on a regular and steady basis. I also wanted to re-launch my Studio blog. (Yes, this one!) It has been down since the beginning of the year. I have been meaning to get it back up and running, but I kept putting it off, trying to combine my art projects under my bullet journal blog. That just has not been working for me. Amanda Moon Studios is my main company. Bullet Journal Junkie is a small company that I started to keep things related to bullet journals all in one place, because it was more about planning than art. While I like to illustrate my journal, it is where I make all the plans and organize my life. There will be a little bit of crossover, which will come later, but they are two completely different businesses and should remain separate for the most part.

Now, back to the NaNoWriMo topic. I decided that I would participate this year, just not in the traditional sense. Instead, I am going to use my 50,000-word goal in my blogs. I have wanted to really get more focused and disciplined with my posts, and do something more structured and scheduled. This is the perfect month for doing it, and for writing along everyone else. So, I am excited about my version of NaNoWriMo! I can participate, set this great goal and I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment that I will feel at the end of the month.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my other blog, Bullet Journal Junkie is the place where all of my planning and organization posts live, while here on Amanda Moon Studios I focus on all things related to art. 50,000 words over a 30 day period works out to about 1667 words per day to stay on target to finish. If I split that down the middle again to post on both blogs, it comes out to around 834 words on each blog a day. I am certain that just over 800 words a day split between the two subjects will be a nice word count for my posts. No one wants them to drag on forever, but they need to be large enough to have substance and value.

This month is going to cover a lot of information, so if there is a specific subject or topic you would like covered, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. While I was worried about coming up with enough things to talk about on Bullet Journal Junkie, I am not as worried here. I could honestly talk about art all day every day. It is my main passion, and even similar projects can take on a completely different look and feel by the time I am done with them. So, I really don’t think it will be difficult at all.

Let’s list out some of the things I know I plan to cover here over the next month.

  • A Closer Look at Amanda Moon Studios
  • Artist Trading Cards for Autumn
  • ATCs for Christmas
  • Flipbooks
  • Loaded Envelopes
  • Mini Albums
  • Micro Albums
  • My Mini Album and Micro Album Template Releases
  • Junk Journals and Memory Keeping
  • Art Journals
  • My Favorite Tools
  • Top 10 Gift Ideas for Paper Crafters
  • Exploding Boxes
  • Creating Your own Cards
  • Copic Collection and Alternatives
  • Cheaper Alternatives to Popular Brand Names and How They Stack Up
  • Shop With Me/ Hauls
  • Watercolors Basics
  • Digital versus Analog
  • Hand Lettering


There we have it, 20 ideas towards a 30-day challenge! It’s totally doable! I left room in this very busy schedule for your suggestions and things you want to see. Make sure you have put any topic you want covered in the comments. If you are not a fan of commenting on something that can be seen by the public, just shoot me an email, here. I love hearing from you!

Well, I think that is going to wrap up today’s post. I need to get started on some projects so I have something to tell you about tomorrow.




I will see you back here tomorrow.


Until then, Happy Crafting!




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