Autumn Sunset Artist Trading Cards

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First, I would like to say I know I didn’t make a post here yesterday, like I had originally planned. Writing two full blog posts, with as much as I talk is a lot of work. I am noticing that I am pretty much meeting my daily word count goals with just one post. So, I may go back and forth between the two. Post here one day and on Bullet Journal Junkie the next. I won’t be able to cover quite as many topics as I had thought but I will be able to cover almost all of it, and I still need to have something to post at least once a week after November. One way or another, I will get to it all. I do need some time to sit down and create things, or I won’t have anything to talk about. I think one post a day will give me a little more time to work on creative projects.

Let’s move on to what I wanted to post for you yesterday, and what I know several of you have been waiting on. Thursday night, I sat down at my craft table and worked on some ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for a couple of swaps I am doing in my groups. If you want to know more about swaps, check us out on Facebook in the Swap Junkies group. The response to the photo I posted online was fantastic, and a lot of people were asking for a How-To. I responded that I was going to make a blog post about how I made them. Let’s jump in to how I created these ATCs.


Autumn Sunset ATCs


Kraft ATC Cards
Distress InkVintage Photo
Gelatos – Lemon, Supernova, Mars, Blue Moon, and Comet
Distress Oxide – Fossilized Amber, Spiced Marmalade, Abandoned Coral, and Cracked Pistachio
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Pearl
Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers
Faber Castell Texture Gems – Gold


For the base, I am using Kraft ATC Cards , pre-cut, and I printed off an info sheet for each one and glued it to the backs.




Distress edges and Gelatos background

For the base of the design, I decided to go around the edges of the cards with Distress Ink (Vintage Photo) to give it an aged/distresses look. Then using my Gelatos (Lemon, Supernova, Mars, Blue Moon, and Comet) and daubers I laid on the colors to make them look like a bright sunset on a horizon. I did this for each of the 5 cards in this set. I am not sure why I chose 5 for this set of ATCs. You can make as many or as few as you would like, when you are making your own.




Looking through my stencils, I found one that looked like a nice, autumn-ish tree. I picked this stencil up at my local Hobby Lobby. I taped down my first card with the stencil on top, and used a dauber to go over the trunk of the tree and the branches with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. I did this and the next step for each of the five cards.



Distress Oxides and Distress Ink Tree

To give the tree a little more interest and depth, I chose to use a dauber and Distress Oxides (Fossilized Amber, Spiced Marmalade, Abandoned Coral, and Cracked Pistachio) for the leafy parts of the tree, and a few daubs on the branches. The Oxides react a little differently than the Inks, giving a slightly different affect.





Gelatos Shimmer
Glimmer Mist

I liked the way it was looking. The Gelatos have a glittery, shimmery look to them, although it is pretty subtle. I decided that I wanted more shimmer, so I sprayed each one with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (Pearl).




Glued on leaves

Next, I grabbed some leaves out of a couple bags I found in the autumn section of Hobby Lobby. I had some bright ones, and some dull ones. I glued one bright one on top of one of the duller ones, and then I glued the set of leaves to the top right corner of each card. I like for my cards to have a little dimension and I do not mind if something goes over the side. You can glue it down flat, and stay within the size of the original card if you chose. It is up to you, and your creativity.



Added Small Talk Stickers


Using Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers, I found some phases I liked for each of the cards. Before placing them on the card, I distressed the edges of the sticker with my dauber and whatever ink was still on it from the first steps. This helps pull the elements together. As the stickers were a bright white, before that, they would have popped off the card a little more than I wanted. This little bit of color outlines the sticker and eases the starkness of the white. It makes them look like they belong on the cards.




Finally, I thought the bottom of cards could use a little something, so I glued a little flower below the sayings. I thought this balanced out the top a little better. For a little more interest, and another texture, I used Faber Castell Texture Gems (Gold) to add a few raised gems around each card. This highlights the glimmer mists. I put a few dots on top of the leaves also, again to tie everything together



That’s it. These were very easy to make, and pretty simple when it comes to ATCs. They can get rather elaborate, but I wanted something clean and simple. Let me know what other kinds of paper crafts you would like to see in the comments. If you have an idea or suggestion for another ATC, leave that in the comments too. I am thinking the next set may be native or winter themed. What do you think?



Until next time, Happy Crafting!






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