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I’m back for Day 2. Today I am going to cover a little more about myself and what all I do. I will cover a lot of the things that you will be seeing here on the blog, and I will list some of my most recent projects, so you can see some examples of what I have been making.

Let’s get right to it. My name (if you can’t guess it LOL) is Amanda Moon. I am an artist and paper crafter. I love all kinds of arts and crafts. I have a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. I also have a degree in Photography and one in Web Design. I know that’s a lot, but I liked all 3 fields. I also like learning new things. In fact, I have had a business surrounding these three main fields for almost 20 years now. I started by teaching myself web design back when I was in high school. I sourced images and created products. I created and coded websites. I really enjoyed every aspect. It was only once all my kids were in school that I decided to go back to school myself and put degrees behind what I had already taught myself to do.

I have always loved art. When I was about 15, I found one of those little pictures on the back of a magazine. It was a mouse character head or something, if I can remember it correctly. You were told to draw it and mail it in to be graded. So, I did. The next thing I know, my mother got a phone call and they scheduled an appointment to come to my house and talk to us about me attending the Art Instruction School through the mail. In fact, since I am a packrat who never throws anything away (EVER!), I have my Welcome Letter (dated April 28, 1995) and my books from my lessons. Regardless of it being over 20 years old, the lessons are still applicable to anyone wanting to learn to draw. And, well, I am proud of doing it. My mother also reluctantly spent quite a bit of money for me to go through the school.

Anyway, I always remember drawing. I have drawings I did as a preteen, and basically every drawing I have done since 1995. Over the years the things I have specialized in, as far as my business is concerned, have changed, but the fact that it allowed me to do something artistic and creative has stayed the same.

Back when people first started designing custom designs for eBay listings, I was right there coding along with the rest of them, and offering my designs for sale. I created digital scrapbook images. I wrote a book, well two books. They were very niche. I sold them for a long time in digital format. I self-published my books later on. I did graphic design and web design for quite a while. I switched back and forth with projects so I was always doing something a little new and different. I got into paper crafting. I was an event photographer. I reconnected with my love of drawing. And, now, I am sort of taking all that and combining it.

Amanda Moon Studios will feature so many things. You can expect to see some original artwork, along with prints. I will be offering templates for the paper crafting projects I work on and create. I am going to be offering prints of collages and specially made custom items.

As for my current favorites with paper crafting and what topics and crafts you can expect to be covered the most, there are albums and mini albums, micro albums, flipbooks, exploding boxes, loaded envelopes, artist trading cards, mixed media artwork, junk journal and art journals. Oh, and there are pocket letters also. There are so many kinds of paper crafts to explore, so I knew I would forget one.

If I had to pick my top 3 favorites from the list, I would choose albums, junk journals and artist trading cards. Each of these things has a ‘base’ design, which can be altered but the possibilities are endless from there. No two projects are ever the same, really. I mean, you could certainly recreate an exact design, provided all the items you used are still in circulation, but the fun is in creating something completely new.

You can use the exact same base to several projects, but the choices in papers or embellishments can make them completely different when it comes to the end result. You will see this when I start covering them individually.

Below are some of my recent projects. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have probably seen some of these projects. My Instagram link is always in the sidebar. I will just show the pictures and list what they are for now. I will dive into each of the types of projects and specifics in the upcoming posts.

Decorated File Folder With a Pocketl Letter Inside – Mermaid Theme



Flipbook – Halloween Theme


Micro Album


Artist Trading Cards – Named Galactic Steampunk

That should give you a little more insight into me, and what I do. So, now you should be a little clearer on the types of things I will be posting about here. If you haven’t already, come join us in the Swap Junkies Group. The link is below. We just opened our Secret Santa signup and we play games several times a week. It’s a very fun place to hang out. And, we do more than craft items. Some of the items we swap are just store bought. Check us out and come get a better understanding of all we do.


I will see you back here tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Crafting!




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